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LUNA Leadville Trail

LUNA Leadville Trail

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This rugged sandal is designed for trail running adventures. Barefoot Ted put the Leadville through rigorous testing and completed the Leadville Trail 100 in them in 2010. Many others have gone on to do the same.

The Leadville Trail takes the edge off all those sharp rocks that otherwise can bruise and tenderize the bottom of your feet. The sole of this sandal is a 10mm Vibram neoprene rubber (11mm when combined with MGT footbed) that is lightweight, durable, and has an aggressive tread pattern. The Leadville Trail provides enough protection to handle just about any trail. It uses an imported from Vibram® Italy sole that is light, durable, and has an aggressive tread pattern.



Made in Seattle, USA.
Weight: 5.6 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 11mm
Sole: Vibram® USA
Footbed: MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) 
Laces: Performance Laces

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